Baby It's Cold Outside Zurbano Shoes Designers Womens Shoes

We don’t choose the time of the year, but it’s always up to us what to wear!

There are some pieces of the wardrobe that we can enjoy in almost all seasons, like for example ankle boots. It is one of my favorite types of shoes! I dust off ankle boots on colder September days and don’t put them back to wardrobe until May. You know that April can be unpredictable.

Honestly, I came to believe that ankle boots are just like your favourite coffee. You know it won’t let you down, you drink it often and most of the time you probably choose the classic black. And it is the right choice!

Boots are made to protect our feet and ankles from cold, they embrace our skin. It’s crucial they are made from high-quality leather and have leather lining and leather insoles like MARI BLACK ( or MARI BROWN ( Only then our foot is able to breathe and feel comfortable.

But the value of ankle boots is much bigger. Imagine that you decide to take a quick break from daily hassle and spend one of the winter weekends in beautiful Paris. You pack your blouses, red cardigans, fancy jeans, a beret..this is Paris, but what kind of shoes will you choose? How many pairs?

It might be that your designer bag is already full with all the clothes, camera, books and you probably cannot make up your mind between two, three pairs of shoes? Go for ankle boots… black, chocolate, or whatever dark colour you choose. They match well with everything, literally with all the pieces of your wardrobe, and they are so chic and stylish. This is exactly what urban effortless style is about. Flat ankle boots or heeled with a block heel are also a guarantee of comfort. Let’s not waste time sitting in the hotel room.. Just for the record, I have nothing against this kind of trips.

Type of leather? Can be full-grain leather, suede, embossed leather, they all look great, provided that they are high quality. Full-grain leather is a bit easier in maintenance, yet suede leather has the charm and mystery. The choice is all yours!

Au revoir!

Baby it's cold outside zurbanoshoes designer womens shoes

Baby it's cold outside zurbanoshoes designer womens shoes



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