There is no doubt that leather is the best possible material to make shoes, as it adjusts to foot shape and is breathable. However, leather shoes must be looked with care to maintain their qualities and beauty for a long time.

In case of surface dirt, to clean the shoes off dust, wipe them with a slightly moist cloth. In case of suede or hair-on leather, you can also use a soft bristle brush, and always remember to brush the shoes delicately in the direction that the hair flows.

Suede shoes and leather sole shoes are not intended to be worn in rain or snow. Remember also that suede shoes do not like moist, therefore before the first use they should be protected with water and stain repellent.
If your shoes get wet, leave them at room temperature to dry, and after a while wipe them with a dry cloth. Drying, the shoes should be properly placed or filled with paper to avoid wrinkling.

In maintenance, it is recommended to avoid exposure to humidity, excess light and/or too high temperature. 

Zurbano Designer Womens Shoes Care and Maintenance